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Welcome to my site. It was designed by a teen for a teen. That means if you don't like it too bad. Most browsers have a back button. Use it.

My name is Adam and I'll be your tour guide for this tour of my site. This page is never going to be finished. I intend to have many articles depending on what is going on in the news at that time. You know what I mean, what the Prez is getting his current girlfriend, how the goverment has taken away our right to free speech on the internet, and stupid people doing stupid things for the Y2K "crisis"

I'll also be discussing some of my personal interests, such as soccer, cycling and an eye disease I have. If you want to check any and all of these topics, check down at the bottom of the web page.


I will not be responsible for any terrorist attacks on any person at my website. I will also not be responsible for any school shootings, nuclear missle launches, spy arrests, space shuttle launches and the like.

The opinions expressed on this page are mine and of a couple of friends. If you don't like my opinions, leave my site. My opinion not yours.

What you can do at my site.
You can do anything you want, as long as I provide that service. here's your ever-expanding options.

See what I have to say about a huge range of topics. Everything from Clinton bashing, to freedom of speech online, to the Y2K "crisis" to what our goverment has done right today and what they screwed up.

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